Loyalty Rewards Questions & Answers

  • ‘Beans’ are our version of Points. 

    Use your Beans to earn FREE rewards!

  • Beans can be earned on every purchase you make in store or through our website after signing up with your phone number!

    If paying with a Credit/Debit/Gift Card: Once your card is used once, it will associate every future purchase made with that same card with your account automatically; no need to keep entering your phone number!

    If paying with Cash: You must manually enter your phone number after each transaction to collect your rewards.

  • If paying with a Credit/Debit/Gift Card that is associated with your account: Our system will automatically alert you after your credit card is inserted letting you know that you have ordered an item that can be redeemed for free . You can select to use the reward, making the item free, or you can choose to save it for later!

    If paying with Cash: Let the cashier know that you have a reward that you would like to redeem prior to paying and your reward can be manually applied. You can check your available rewards on our website (twistedbean.com) or by using the Cash App (available in the Google Play or Apple)

    ‘Beans’ have no cash value.

    1. Pay for your order with the Credit, Debit or Gift Card.
    2. Enter your phone number after the transaction completes
    3. Done! Never enter your phone number again for this Card!

    Every time you pay with this ‘Linked’ card rewards will automatically be applied to your account and you will receive an email and/or text message receipt(s) based on what you elect to receive!

    Redeeming Rewards on a Link Card is even easier too! After you your linked card is inserted for payment, our system will automatically alert you when you have enough ‘Beans’ to collect a reward and have ordered an eligible item. You can choose to redeem the reward now or save it for later. If you redeem the reward, it will be deducted from your bill and your card will not be charged for that item.

  • Beans are calculated on the net order total, rounded down to the nearest dollar (excludes taxes & tip). 

  • Beans expire 12 months after earning, on the last day of the month.

    You will receive an automated notification prior to their expiration as a reminder to use them for a free reward before the expire.

    You can also see when your beans will expire by logging into your account Here (at the very bottom of the page).